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Disclosure: RPO data search feed system makes public records available online for instant viewing and for your convenience. When conducting a search on a person, the system will pull all information available including arrest warrants, criminal history and public record information, whether complete or partial on a person's background.Access to complete Background Reports for Only $4.95.

Your Online Access To Public Record Search (RPO) Online Search results can include
all of the following information for on a person's background.
•criminal history
•issued warrants
•criminal charges
•vital records
•dui / arrest records
•civil  records
•bankruptcy records
•marriage/ divorce records
Public Records and Privacy
All records maintained by state and
local agencies are available for
public inspection unless law
specifically exempts them. An
agency may require information necessary to establish if disclosure would violate certain provisions of law. and subsidiaries are not a consumer reporting Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA"), and the information should not be used in whole or in part for the purpose of furnishing consumer reports. Please see our privacy policy link below for full disclosure of terms
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Public Records Retrieval Data Can Include the Follwing Type of Information

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Your Online Search Access Can Include The Follwing Types of Reports
Public records are records have been registered for all civil  filings and public notice. These filings can include all real-estate title records, past and present ownership of property, liens, bankruptcy, property detail records, Including public filings such as marriage, divorce and death records etc...The records are created by the public and are filed and maintained by the county, state, and federal agencies. Public records are protected by both accessibility and privacy laws known as The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which protects certain types of information from being made public such has bank account information, credit card information , social security numbers.  Each state also enforces its own versions of these privacy and accessibility laws.
Court records are serviced by both local and federal courts. As a  US citizen or individual this information is available to you to research the background of an individual or business.that pertains to legal infraction or civil filings including warrants DUI,  arrest, and criminal. Public court records also including , marriage divorce, filings. The public record  system will allow you to  confidentially verify your own public information, or any person's  background dating back 20 years or more for a person.
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Types of Public Records

Vital Records / Civil Records
All vital statistics are considered public record. Vital statistics essentially consist of documentation of events in a person's life: including bankruptcy, Realestate filings,  birth certificates, death records, marriage licenses and divorce decrees. These records generally list a person's name, the event that the record was written for, and the date and place where the event took place.

DMV Records
The deepartment of motor vehicles keeps records on licensed drivers, registered vehicles and driver violations to ensure citizens are properly insured, legal to drive, and are accountable for driving offenses. Generally DMV records contain the person's names, license number, physical descriptions (height, weight, photo ID), past violations, name of the person who owns the vehicle, plate numbers and lien information on car loans.

Arrest Records  / Criminal Records / Warrants
Arrest reports are made public to inform citizens of criminal activity and to allow citizens access to arrest records. Anyone has the right to inquire about a person's arrest history, outstanding warrants, or criminal activity.

Financial Records
Financial documents for towns, cities, counties, states and federal agencies are publicly available in order to insure the government is accountable to taxpayers. These documents can include bills, vouchers, receipts, invoices and budgets, employee wage information, property tax bills, bills for water and sewer services, etc. Certain types of financial records are not made available to the public such as Social security numbers checking account numbers credit card numbers and any information that can impose a risk to a citizen.  The Freedom of Information laws require the government to share most of its documents with anyone who asks to see them

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